Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Robin and Paul: A Modern-Meets-Classic NYC Wedding

I met Robin about five years ago when she was the maid of honor at her big sister's wedding - which we planned! Who knew that her date that night would be the guy she dragged into our office all of these years later to talk about planning and designing their big day?

Robin's bouquet was made of all white cattaleya, phaelonopsis and cymbidium orchids to complement the sweet whimsy of her Vera Wang gown.

Paul wore a matching double white mini cymbidium boutonniere.

Robin had her eye on Tribeca Rooftop for her venue since her sister looked there all those years ago, so that was in the bag from the start. It was a perfect fit for this wedding which had many of the traditional "big, fancy wedding" components, but the sleek, loft space created an ideal framework for Robin and Paul's modern aesthetic. We maintained that balance throughout with simple choices like mixing traditional round tables and modern square ones, building luxe, full floral arrangements atop contemporary lucite stands and formal place settings with unusual china and glassware accents mixed in.

Tables alternated between these huge, lush pieces and trios of architecturally constructed pieces. Featured flowers are dahlias, roses, mokara, phaelonopsis and cymbidium orchids, all in magenta and amethyst tones.

To add a little whimsy, we created three different styles of cocktail napkins, each with its own "fun fact" about the couple.

We also got a lot of inspiration from the invitation that Robin and Paul selected from the beautiful Bella Figura collection. They chose a fun liner which we played with and modified so that we could carry it through various elements in the wedding.

On the right, the Bella Figura invitation is featured. On the left is the Save the Date that our artist Heather hand drew and painted just for Robin and Paul. It is a one-of-a-kind art piece paying homage to NYC!

These square menus fit perfectly into the square charger plate, so from a distance it looked like a custom plate!

Sincere thanks to Christian Oth for providing all photos

Robin and Paul were such a pleasure to work with - easy going, fun and open-minded. It will never cease to amaze me how the actual mood at a wedding truly reflects the personalities of the guests of honor... the day and night flowed with extreme ease and effortlessness, which after months of planning and many hours of setup, gives me unspeakable joy to watch.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter and Passover,

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