Friday, June 29, 2012

Wish Upon a Wedding Comes to NYC

It is no secret that weddings are my true passion. If you told me twelve years ago that I would spend the rest of my life thinking about, dreaming about and fully immersed in the world of weddings - and never tire of it - I would have thought you were crazy. But it is true. I believe in the power of weddings and in the true value of expressing your love for another person for real, in public, in the environment of your choosing under any circumstance. It is a powerful moment in life and one that universally connects you to billions of people throughout the world and across time. I love to make pretty parties, but I am truly driven by the root of that beauty that lies far beneath the surface of flowers and fluff.

With that in mind, I am so proud and honored to announce that I have gathered a group of my most esteemed colleagues and friends and launched the New York City chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding. WUW was founded in 2010 as the first wish granting organization to provide no cost weddings to couples facing terminal illness or other life altering circumstances.  There are now 17 active chapters across the US and the New York City chapter is finally joining the ranks! Please, please, please take a moment to read more about Wish Upon a Wedding -  I know you will be as moved as I was by the couples that are being helped by my wedding industry colleagues across the country.

Hopefully some of you are wondering how you can help... there are lots of ways to make a meaningful contribution to WUW:

1. Spread the word! We want to be able to help as many couples as possible, but they need to know that this resource is available to them.  If you have connections with hospitals, houses of worship, hospice facilities, community groups or any other organization which may serve individuals who are facing life altering circumstances, please help make it known that WUW NYC is at their disposal.
2. Donate your time! If you provide a wedding related product or service (professional credentials and experience required) and you would like to contribute to a wedding wish, please send an email to Please note that your information will be added to a database and you will be contacted when a couple for whom we are granting a wish requires your services.
3. Send money! We have so much work to do and limited resources with which to do it. If you are able to assist with our fundraising efforts your donation will go directly to underwriting a wedding for a couple in need. Email me at for secure online payment information or write a check made out to Wish Upon a Wedding (with NYC in the memo line) and send it to Wish Upon a Wedding, PO BOX 1141, Santa Clara, CA 95052.
4. Raise money! If you are getting married or know someone who is getting married, please consider donations to WUW "in lieu of favors." Our website offers information on how to do this and provides guest notification cards at no cost.
5. Become a sponsor! If you are part of a business or organization looking for a long-term partnership with a charitable organization, please email me at to discuss how we can create a mutually beneficial and meaningful relationship.
6. Keep in touch! Follow our progress and updates on Twitter @WUW_NYC and on Facebook at 

I so appreciate all of the support we have already received and am looking forward to sharing with you the forthcoming journey to help New York area couples.

With gratitude,

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