Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From the vault: Tina and Joe's Gorgeous Gotham Wedding

I actually cannot fathom that I never blogged about this wedding before because it was one of our most spectacular weddings of all time! It is hard to believe that it was in the Fall of 2008, but I suppose time flies when you're having fun!

There were a million things that made this wedding awesome, but paramount was this couple's strong, unified vision for their wedding. Tina and Joe wanted a truly intimate ceremony with only family, and then a "badass*," blow-out, no-holds-barred party to celebrate with all of their friends.  Pretty much everything else, they left up to me! [*Badass was Joe's favorite word - you don't forget stuff like this, even after 4 years!]

So, we created a two-day event: Day 1 (Thursday) was their private wedding ceremony followed by an intimate dinner at the Park Avenue Townhouse with just about 25 of their family members; Day 2 (Saturday) was a fun and fabulous party at Gotham Hall. Tina also got to rock two different dresses and two different hair/makeup styles, which is pretty much every girl's dream.

It is a little hard to tell what the escort card setup was, but it was super cool.  Black acrylic cards were calligraphed in white and set atop a lucite table that was filled with water and tons of dahlias. Surrounding the table were clear lucite pedestals of varying heights loaded with jewel toned candles.

The seating area at Gotham Hall is an oval framed by the original teller walls from its days as a bank.  We enveloped the area with sheer drape, and then washed it with colored and patterned light to create a warm and magical environment.

Dinner tables were a mix of long feast style tables and square elevated tables (guest sat on bar stools) which gave the room great dimension and interest.  To this day, these centerpieces are still one of my favorite things we've ever created. Instead of using a traditional vase, I bought black crystal 4-arm chandeliers and then removed all of the electric components so that each arm could hold a pillar candle and the top could be the flower base. It took hours to un-assemble and re-assemble each one, but it was so worth it!

A black and white dancefloor really never looked so good as it did in this room. Also, looking back at these photos, I am remembering that this wedding was the first time we ever made our own linens because I couldn't find what I wanted (now we make linens for almost every event!).  I searched the world over for that exact fabric... and only months later black and white damask dominated the wedding scene and could be found everywhere. That's what you get for trying to be a step ahead of the game!

Photos by Barnaby Draper
I now need to dig around and see what other treasures are still hidden in my "vault" from weddings pre-dating this blog (or any blog for that matter!).  Glad I uncovered this beauty to start off the new year!

Happy 2013!


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