Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sabrina and Max: Glimmer, Sparkle and Shine

I think it is about time you got to see this amazing wedding! We worked with Sabrina and Max for more than a year to fine tune this beauty... he is an artist (posing as a dentist) and she is a performer (posing as an ad sales rep) so between all of us, there were some seriously creative juices flowing throughout!

All that glitters is not gold, but it could be mirrors or sequins... at least at this wedding. Sabrina loves anything with sparkle, so we used custom mirrored tabletops, gold and sequin linens, mirrored vases and even glitter paper to layer the menus so there was not a dull surface to be had. I think that in another venue all of these different materials could have been too much, but in this dramatic space, it was just right to show off Sabrina's style and reflect all of the gorgeous details inherent to the venue.

This wedding was originally scheduled to take place in a garden venue, so when we moved the location to Capitale (which is pretty much the opposite of a garden!) Sabrina and Max wanted to keep the fresh feel of the outdoors alive. Since there were no blooming branches to be found in the fall, we decided on building camellia trees with a white birch trunk and a floral base - just the kind of nature that is right up my alley - hand crafted and perfectly tailored!

You know I am a sucker for a great escort display, and boy do I love this one. We painted the frames of those Ikea (yes - Ikea!) floor mirrors gold and had the amazingly talented Joanne Day hand calligraph every name.  It was fun to watch guests admire themselves and the artistry of the display simultaneously, not to mention the super cool reflection the mirrors created on the floor.

I think we designed 20 different bars before the couple decided on this one - a GIANT square bar with a mirrored top and center console which was detailed with their specialty cocktail recipes as well as their monogram.

Every decision made for this wedding was made with passion and conviction, which made for more than a few multi-hour design sessions, but in the end, I really see this couple - not just in the mirrors - but in every aspect of the design. I believe that every guest that attended this wedding felt like it looked just like what Sabrina and Max would have chosen, and they would be absolutely right. Every wedding should look and feel just like a reflection of the couple who planned it - and when it really does, I feel like it was a design job well done.

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