Friday, September 9, 2016

Marry at The Mulia

Every once in a blue moon, I am honored with an epic "work perk." Not just your run-of-the-mill luncheon invite or branded tote bag, but a truly special experience.  Last month was one of those times, and let me tell you... it was the work perk to end all work perks. The Mulia Bali Resort, in conjunction with Destination EnSite, hosted me and some other esteemed event colleagues from around the world for a once-in-a-lifetime week experiencing the beauty, tranquility and opulence of this stunning resort and of magical Bali.  To say I'm a lucky lady barely scratches the surface. 

A glimpse at the sights of The Mulia from beautiful landscapes and views to spectacular flowers and decor.

We began the week with a few days to get settled and explore the resort... from the most intense station-style meals in The Cafe to workouts with in-house trainers in the Fitness Center and strolls along the soft-sand beach to cocktails on the SkyBar, getting settled was a joyous task to behold.

Once the rest of our group of planners and designers arrived at The Mulia, the true indulgence began. Multi-course breakfasts, lunches and dinners featuring unique and gracious service (you have never seen tea poured quite like this!) and cuisine from every part of the world, one dish more exceptional than the next.  Custom china, linens, napkins, serviceware and glassware like you have never seen... I was enchanted not just with every meal, but with the way in which each meal was presented to me as if I were the resort's most special guest.  There is no question in my mind that every guest at The Mulia gets this royal treatment, but I always felt like the chosen one.  Did I already mention that every staff member on the property addressed me by name at all times of the day, in every location, even after I had changed my outfit and hair? For real.  Every time.  

Gorgeous plates, chocolate and fruit artistry and clever and creative displays.

Bali is such a unique and special place and The Mulia did the most magnificent job of both bringing the culture of Bali to us as well as escorting us into the heart of Balinese culture.  Our first official program began with a traditional Kecak Fire Dance in which exquisitely costumed performers danced to music created by a chorus of men chanting. We were able to take an outing into the Sacred Monkey Forest and to see the breathtaking terraced rice paddies for which Bali is famous.  Prior to our final dinner, The Mulia created an authentic Balinese wedding ritual show with a bride and groom dressed to the nines and serenaded by two sets of stunning dancers, performing agin to the music of a chanting choir and child drummers.  The only female high priestess in Bali showered each of us with blessings and offered a powerful cleansing ritual.  

Check Fire Dance

Traveling to Ubud

The Wedding Show... and me learning a few moves!

This was more than a vacation and certainly more than a work trip.  More than a luxurious resort and more than a beautiful beach.  This was an experience that truly touched me and that will stay with me for all of my days.  I live in anticipation of my next opportunity to travel to Bali and to visit the Mulia... and I hope to have the chance to bring you with me!

Thank you to Brian Leahy Photography for these beautiful images and to event hosts The Mulia Bali, Destination EnSite, Jackson Durham Events and Inside Weddings for having me as your guest. 

:-) Lindsay


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