Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Places, please!

One of my favorite decor tools is the use of the escort card table as the big opening "wow" for any event, particularly a wedding. This is the first thing that guests interact with when entering an event - they can see, touch and feel it and more importantly, they take a little piece of it with them when they leave. So, when given this opportunity to really reach out and hand your decor to your guests, why miss the opportunity and place a paper card on a standard table?

For this funky wedding at Gotham Hall, we filled a lucite table with water and flowers and then had black acrylic escort cards hand calligraphed with white writing. From the moment the guests grabbed their cards, they knew that this wouldn't be an ordinary wedding - and it wasn't!
photo by Barnaby Draper Studios

At this spectacular vinyard wedding, guests found their names etched on mini chalkboards embedded in a tiered plot of grass. When they arrived at their tables, the coordinating table numbers were also written on slightly larger chalkboards. This echoed the Raphael Vinyard's tasting room in which wine selections were written on large chalkboards. Design by Claire Bean.

For a winter wedding at Oheka Castle, we used cranberries to support escort cards on wooden sticks. A key element here was to create the cards so that they could be removed from the sticks easily so that guests wouldn't have to carry a skewer around all night!
Photos by Christian Oth Studios

Finally, vintage New York postcards were calligraphed with table numbers and inserted into calligraphed envelopes and placed over clear crystals covered with clear plexiglass in the glorious Rainbow Room. This table was one of our most well-received ever as the many out-of-town guests loved having a New York keepsake to take home.
Photo by Lina Jang

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