Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bangalore Wedding Adventure: Part 3

Before I fall asleep on my keyboard, I am inclined to write a quick post on what was one of the most intense wedding production days of my career. Today started with a few errands before the Mehendi party and continued for 12 hours of intense setup at the wedding venue in preparation for the big day.

One of the morning activities involved my team of assistants stuffing silk pillows for the Mehendi

The Mehendi was fantastic. It was a bit non-traditional in that it was really more like a cocktail party (complete with amazing signature drinks and a rockin' DJ) and in that almost half the crowd was men! Only the ladies had their hands painted with henna, but the mood was festive and it was the perfect event to keep up the amazing energy of this wedding week.

Friends and family mingling at the bar during the Mehendi

One of the artists hard at work

I had to leave early from the Mehendi to get to the venue to oversee day 1 of the production. The goal for today was to get all of the structural pieces in place, hang the fabric, set up the power, audio and lighting and lay out the tables. Mission accomplished! Tomorrow, the wedding day, will be reserved for all of the fresh flower work as well as laying the linen and of course preparing the food. The work today was not without mishap, but overall, I was so impressed with the workmanship, efficiency and attention to detail that I observed from the vendors. About 40 members of the production crew are working all night long to get the job done... so I better get to sleep so that someone can be awake on the job tomorrow!

The beginnings of the entrance gate

Dance pavilion coming to life

One of two floral elephants in production - it takes a village!

Stay tuned for the big post-wedding recap. I can't wait to share all of the amazing details!


  1. I can imagine how tired you must be. You are doing a fabulous job! WOW, what a project!

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