Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's on Deck

I have been totally MIA from the blog for 10 days now... sorry. I have been knee-deep in two different designs and several written proposals for the past week and I have realized that my creative juices run only so far. Seems that I can't think of clever things to write about on the blog when I am simultaneously using my clever-ness to create event designs and woo new clients! So, I figured the most interesting thing I can do is share with you what I'm working on so you can have a window into what goes on at Lindsay Landman Events in between parties.

Both design projects I am working on now are part of my new Design Consulting service offerings. This is the first year I am offering the consultations and I LOVE it! It makes great design so much more accessible to everyone by allowing my consulting clients to take the "Style File" that I create for them to their local vendors wherever they live and have the designs produced.

In any case, the first project is for a summer wedding in a hotel ballroom. The bride gave me limited guidance from the outset, but after I poked and prodded a bit, I was able to discover some of the design elements and colors that turn her on. At this first phase of the process, I am developing her "Style Book" to explore three different color palettes (three shades of blue, each with different accent colors) and overall themes (garden elegance or old Hollywood glamour). Now I am looking forward to the bride's selection of color palette and concept so that I can take that more specific information to create the exact elements of the design.

My second design consulting project is for a Bar Mitzvah taking place in an event venue that I know well having worked there many times. My client originally came to me 100% certain that her son wanted a baseball theme, but after our conversations about the true essence of what he had in mind for the look and feel of his party, she soon came back to me saying that he was open to my ideas. Yippee! I am working on a vintage feeling that is much more earthy and textural. Something that always bugs me about Bar/Bat Mitzvah decor is that it often feels so synthetic... the same furniture slip-covered in a million different stretch fabrics, foam-core out the wazoo, goofy props popping out of flower arrangements and way, way too much glitter. In the New York area, most teens are exposed to so many of these parties and I think adults under-estimate their ability to appreciate something a little more subtle and a little less shiny.

So, in case you were interested, that's what's been going on in my head. Since design is best done in collaboration, I welcome your thoughts and ideas on these conundrums that I am still sorting out:

1.) For the summer wedding design, is there anything you would implement to translate a garden feel into a formal ballroom?
2.) For the Bar Mitzvah, what would you want to see on the dinner tables that is neither floral nor foam core (or the like) that still says (quietly) "baseball?"

See... this design thing ain't as easy as it looks! :-) Drop me a comment if you want to be a part of my process.



  1. I'm sure you've already thought about this...but how about popcorn in vintage containers, as well as peanuts and cracker jacks...i'm pretty sure that the companies still offer them in their original/vintage style packaging.

  2. @Anonymous - thanks for your suggestion! As you suspected, I already had peanuts and cracker jacks in the mix, but I like how you think! I am always open to new ideas.