Monday, March 22, 2010

Full disclosure

In case you haven't noticed, I've had only a temporary splash page posted as my website for quite some time now. That's probably how many of you have stumbled upon this blog. And, like the site says, I have been working on the redevelopment of the full site. The real deal, however, is that I have made very slow progress on the new site primarily because I am really struggling with exactly how I want it to look and feel. I spent a lot of time working on something that I didn't think accurately represented the work that we do, so I recently scrapped it and started over (sad, but true!). So, now I have a pile of notes and what my son would call "scribble scrabble" and I have psyched myself out on diving in to a new design. Since I figured that those of you who read this blog have a relative amount of vested interest in the content I put out into the world, I thought I might ask YOU for a little input. When you have a small business like I do, one of the things that you lack is a team of people to weigh in on decisions... so, wanna be my team?

Here's what you need to know:
1. I will not have any type of music on my site
2. I am not generally a fan of flash animation
3. I'm on a budget :-)

Ok... go for it... gimme what you've got! Any and all feedback and ideas are welcome. What sites do you love and why? And what sites do you hate and why? What moves you? And what do you wish you saw when you clicked on my site? Don't be shy about mentioning others in my business - believe me, I have seen all of their sites too!

Thanks in advance. I can't wait to see what "my team" and I can come up with!

Have a great week,


  1. One website that I really like is Tara Guerard's new website for Soiree ( She does use Flash, but I like how each event is shown as a different vignette so you get a feel for the full range of her design capabiliities. From what I've seen on this blog, that would be a great way to showcase your outstanding work.
    Just a thought...can't wait to see the website!

  2. OK..I just saw another great website from Eclatante

  3. Thanks, Martine. I love both of those sites and admire those designers very much. Great input!

    And many thanks for the very detailed emails I have been receiving with so many great suggestions! I am so humbled by the thought and time my friends and followers have put in to my request. You're all amazing!