Monday, March 1, 2010

Why My Neighbors Think I'm Nuts

Many years ago, when I had my first full time employee who came to work every day in my little NYC apartment (Dana, if you are reading this, I still think you are a superhero), my business was just starting to boom and we were quickly outgrowing both the amount of space we needed to produce the events on the calendar as well as the number of hours it took to actually get all of the work done. For one Bat Mitzvah, with painter's tarps on my new couches, we hand-cut nine Caribbean Islands from foam core, spray painted them showing correct topography and mounted them on wooden beams covered with fishing nets. Then, since we were running late to the event setup, we blew up about 75 inflatable guitars and microphones in my tiny little Ford. At the time (before blogs), we joked that my first book would be entitled "100 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In A Moving Car." I still might write that book...

Now, about six years later, I have a bigger office and a bigger car, but some things never change. With only hours to go before hitting the road for a destination wedding in Vermont, I had to find a way to transform zinc tags into chalkboard placecards. When I ordered them to start with I thought I'd like the zinc, but when they arrived I had to make a game-time decision to change up the plan (with the bride's blessing, of course). Anyway, now that I have kids and a dog, spray painting in my living room is no longer an option, so I had to move my craft project outside to my driveway. On a cold fall morning, as my neighbors walked their dogs and picked up their morning papers, I suited up in surgical gloves to get my craft on! With no shortage of strange looks, I danced around my driveway avoiding the excess paint blowing towards me with the gusts of wind and made it happen.

This is how the zinc tags came.

And after the initial coat of paint began...

Done, but wet!

Loaded up to dry on the way out of town!

The finished product.

I figure that the work in the driveway is like free advertising - everyone on my block knows what I do for a living, that's for sure!

Til next time,


  1. Alison Goodwin NogiMarch 4, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    I don't think you're nuts, although I wish I knew what you went through to make those look so good :)

  2. Loved every minute of it, my dear. :-)