Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo shoot challenge

I have been itching to put together a photo shoot for some time now. I just adore the design process and, like all of my friends in this business, have always been plagued with more ideas than clients, so I've been thinking a lot about bringing a few of my designs to life simply for the sake of my portfolio and for some good old fashioned fun. My problem is that I have so many ideas for tabletop designs that, without some guidelines or stipulations, I don't know which to choose. With unlimited resources and time I could put together 50 different tabletop styles!

So, that got me thinking... Maybe instead of producing one of my own ideas, I'd raise my own bar a bit and reach out to you and produce one of your ideas. That's right - a challenge! As if designing a tabletop isn't enough fun for me, I'm going to make a contest out of it! Am I crazy? Perhaps. Do I have enough readers for this to work? I don't know. Will anybody enter? I can only hope. I was once told that the internet allows you to fall softly, so I guess I am willing to take a leap for the love of the game. If this post magically disappears into cyberspace, though, you'll know why.

In the hopes that I will be flooded with submissions, I figure I should provide some basic contest stipulations as well as some incentives. So, here it goes:


Lindsay Landman Events Design Challenge

Overview: Readers and fans are invited to submit a photograph of a home interior. It can be from a magazine or blog (as long as you provide proper photo credit, please) or it can be from your own home or the home of someone you know. I will select one winning submission and design an event-appropriate tabletop inspired by the home interior for my photo shoot.

Rules: Each entrant may submit as many photos as he/she would like, but each photograph must be accompanied by an explanation of what you love about that interior space in 50 words or fewer. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and any indoor spaces are welcome. Submissions should be sent to lindsay[at] with "photo shoot challenge" in the subject line.

Deadlines: Submissions will be accepted until Friday, May 7th. The winner will be announced on the blog on Monday, May 10th. The photo shoot date will be announced shortly, but will be no later than June 30th.

Incentive: The winner will be invited to the photo shoot to assist in styling the tabletop and the surrounding environment (travel, if required, will be the responsibility of the winner should he/she choose to attend).

Sponsors: Those interested in participating as a photo shoot sponsor (venue, photographer, rentals, etc.) will receive unabashed accolades and love on this blog as well as on all related social media campaigns. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll even give you a free ad on the blog! Email me at lindsay[at]

Tip: I am obsessed with spelling, punctuation and grammar, thus if your photo description has a typo, you have no chance.

So.... Game on! Good luck to you - and good luck to me! Stay tuned for updates including, I hope, additional incentives and sponsor announcements.

Thanks for playing,

Ps. Just to give you an idea of how this may work, the bedroom photo below inspired the tabletop design (yet to be produced) shown here.

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  1. Wow, your painting, and table design- stunning!