Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Aarti and Sarin: Indian Wedding at Oheka Castle

A gorgeous bride, a gorgeous day, a gorgeous venue... there is so much goodness to share with this wedding, I hardly know where to begin!

Look at this bride.... Aarti absolutely glowed in her perfectly ornate sari and spectacular jewelry.  I loved how she put aside her simple day-to-day style and really went for it on her wedding day - like every bride should!

As is tradition for many Indian weddings, Sarin, the groom, approached the bride's family riding on a very well-dressed white horse as friends and family cheered him on and danced to the music of traditional hand drums.  When he invited his adorable nephew to ride with him on the horse... well, let's say that Aarti's heart was not the only one melting!

Aarti approached the mandap (Indian ceremonial wedding canopy) on a throne carried by her dear friends and family members.  She played it cool as a cucumber even though some of the men were fairly anxious about a potential misstep!

The bride and groom exchanged vows in a Hindu ceremony under the mandap decorated with flowing purple and white fabric along with white floral garlands and strands of sparkling crystals.  Behind the mandap are the breathtaking formal gardens of Oheka Castle

After the ceremony, a private stroll amongst the trees.

There are so many beautiful spots to decorate throughout the Oheka mansion - this is just one of several entry experiences for the guests. 

The huge ballroom showcased three centerpiece styles: tall white cherry blossoms, lower purple and white floral collections and tall manzanita branch arrangements detailed with a floral base and cascading phaelonopsis orchids.  I love how the bride wanted to step away from the traditional palette of an Indian wedding and embrace her favorite colors and styles.

After guests were seated, the bride, groom and bridal party wowed the crowd with a Bollywood inspired choreographed dance.  So, so fun and so, so good! And look at that well-branded white dance floor we snuck in there for good measure!

When the dance floor cleared, Aarti and Sarin also shared a beautiful first dance moment with friends and family looking on. 

And one last surprise... the bride's father and I conspired for months to surprise EVERYONE (yup - even the bride and mother of the bride!) with some of the best fireworks ever! It started to rain just before we were to invite guests outside for this final wow factor, but the wedding gods cut me a break and the rain cleared seconds before this big moment. 

So much goodness, right?  Thanks to the magnificent Susan Stripling for these beautiful photos. 

To really get a feel for this wedding, take a look at the breathtaking video captured by Unique Visions Studio. 

:-) Lindsay


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