Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet Ceremonies (Part 1)

There are so many beautiful ways to frame a couple as they say their "I Do's" and I find, time and again, that it is the decor element that couples have the strongest and clearest thoughts on when we are planning their wedding design. I personally like to create ceremony spaces that provide a strong visual focal point, but that are not so huge and overwhelming that the structure or design itself overpowers the couple. I suppose it all ties back to connectivity... I love seeing the couple enveloped in a design element like this, giving them connectivity to each other and to the environment around them. 

 This series of curly willow arches detailed with cherry blossoms and white denrobium orchids led the bridal party down the aisle to a fuller version of the arch under which they were married at Capitale in NYC.

 This delicate arch was supported by lush flower bases and was well scaled to a smaller wedding in an intimate space - 620 Loft and Garden

A traditional fabric chuppah was detailed with bunches of orchids on the back wall that appeared to be floating in mid air.
Photo: Sofia Negron

 With such a stunning natural setting at Belle Mer in Newport, RI, this couple wanted a simple arch covered in lush greens so that it would frame their ceremony while simultaneously blending in with the environment. 

 For a traditional Hindu wedding at Gustavinos, we built a mandap that was anything but traditional.  A teal fabric canopy was detailed with bright orange floral garlands and full floral bouquets on each corner. 

 Twisted grapevine provided the structure for this chuppah covered in green garlands and full white floral bouquets featuring hydrangea, roses, stock and orchids.
Photo: Gustavo Campos

 Another simple fabric structure at The Altman Building in NYC featured soft, cascading floral bouquets with white orchids seemingly floating down the side posts.
Photo: Gustavo Campos

 Blue, green and white hydrangea provided a garden vibe, while the simple, tailored structure made this chuppah at home within the New York Historical Society Reading Room.

Stay tuned for more favorites in Part 2 coming soon!

:-) Lindsay

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  1. Once you get through initial "I know what's best" attitude of the manager here, you will agree that - he DOES know what's best, and he does not treat you like just some paycheck. During my wedding here, the wait staff at the wedding venues was absolutely the best.