Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sweet Ceremonies (Part 2)

Since it was so hard to choose only a few ceremony settings to share in my last post, I thought I'd keep it going with even more sweet wedding ceremonies!

Over 1000 flowers were woven in with green garlands, curly willow and pink cherry blossoms to create this dramatic chuppah.  Strands of crystals across the roof added extra glam for this focal point at the Highline Hotel. Amazing rose gold glitter runner from The Original Runner Company.

The bride said she'd been dreaming of a clear lucite chuppah... so that is what we created! Flowers across the top and at the base softened the look at Tribeca Rooftop. 
Photo: Gustavo Campos

All cherry blossom all the time at this Cipriani 42nd Street wedding ceremony.
Photo: Douglass Benedict

Not a flower in sight for this modern, yet delicate lavender fabric chuppah at Trump Soho. Another custom runner from The Original Runner Company.
Photo: Gustavo Campos

With so many gorgeous arches in the New York Public Library, we had to mimic that beautiful shape with a curly willow and white dendrobium orchid construction. 
Photo: Allan Zepeda

This bold, asymmetric chuppah has become a favorite because it was at once simple and funky, soft and bright.  Since the view from Sixty Five at the Rainbow Room is such a wow, we wanted to make sure guests could appreciate both the setting and the scene.

As wedding season is soon upon us, I am excited for the new ceremony designs in the works!

:-) Lindsay

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet Ceremonies (Part 1)

There are so many beautiful ways to frame a couple as they say their "I Do's" and I find, time and again, that it is the decor element that couples have the strongest and clearest thoughts on when we are planning their wedding design. I personally like to create ceremony spaces that provide a strong visual focal point, but that are not so huge and overwhelming that the structure or design itself overpowers the couple. I suppose it all ties back to connectivity... I love seeing the couple enveloped in a design element like this, giving them connectivity to each other and to the environment around them. 

 This series of curly willow arches detailed with cherry blossoms and white denrobium orchids led the bridal party down the aisle to a fuller version of the arch under which they were married at Capitale in NYC.

 This delicate arch was supported by lush flower bases and was well scaled to a smaller wedding in an intimate space - 620 Loft and Garden

A traditional fabric chuppah was detailed with bunches of orchids on the back wall that appeared to be floating in mid air.
Photo: Sofia Negron

 With such a stunning natural setting at Belle Mer in Newport, RI, this couple wanted a simple arch covered in lush greens so that it would frame their ceremony while simultaneously blending in with the environment. 

 For a traditional Hindu wedding at Gustavinos, we built a mandap that was anything but traditional.  A teal fabric canopy was detailed with bright orange floral garlands and full floral bouquets on each corner. 

 Twisted grapevine provided the structure for this chuppah covered in green garlands and full white floral bouquets featuring hydrangea, roses, stock and orchids.
Photo: Gustavo Campos

 Another simple fabric structure at The Altman Building in NYC featured soft, cascading floral bouquets with white orchids seemingly floating down the side posts.
Photo: Gustavo Campos

 Blue, green and white hydrangea provided a garden vibe, while the simple, tailored structure made this chuppah at home within the New York Historical Society Reading Room.

Stay tuned for more favorites in Part 2 coming soon!

:-) Lindsay

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lindsay Landman Paper

We've been doing it for years, but just decided to give it a name... Lindsay Landman Paper is our collection of custom stationery that we create for each of our clients as we plan, design and produce their special events.  It started pretty organically about 6 years ago with us filling in the holes with custom pieces that accented stationery our clients designed and purchased through other paperies, but it quickly grew into a staple design offering.  So often, the design process begins with the creation of a "brand" for an event - the signature fonts, monograms or patterns that will define the event throughout the process and into the event day - so pairing this brand with beautiful stationery is a natural fit.

We offer every type of printing process including letterpress, engraving, foil stamping digital printing and thermography as well as laser and die cutting, endless papers, custom liners, hand calligraphy - you name it! Whatever will tell the design story best is within our reach.  Just another one of the ways that we streamline the process of planning and designing every event. Want a digital invite instead or a custom website to match? We've got that going on too!

Simple and clean Crane's Lettra paper letterpressed with soft gray ink. Stacked cards in a pocket folder are perfect for a wedding weekend with a lot of information. 

This suite blended gray letterpress ink with gold foil stamping on the front. We "wallpapered" the back of the invite with a custom weathered metallic paper and repeated it on the interior of the envelope. A delicate thread attached a tiny brushed gold heart to contain the invitation components. 

The bride and groom's love story graphically illustrated on this two-sided, flat printed invite with a metallic painted edge and whimsical custom liner. 

We used black foil for crisp lettering to contrast with the blind letterpressed pattern which was repeated in color on the envelope liner. 

Our signature wallpaper and liner set really popped in this suite as we used reversed coloration to create contrast.  The front of the invitation was letterpressed in gray and lavender on smooth white stock.  Accompanying cards in lavender and purple added interest.

This edgy Bar Mitzvah set used tone-on-tone black foil printing to create a fun and funky texture.  Metallic purple foil accents added to the bold look.  

For a soft, personal touch, our illustrator drew and watercolored this view from the wedding venue for a totally custom take on a vintage postcard. The postmark and back copy were letterpressed for added texture and interest. 

This is just a small sampling of some of our favorites - I can hardly believe how big and fast the collection has grown!  Stay tuned or be in touch for a larger look into Lindsay Landman Paper.

:-) Lindsay

Friday, January 8, 2016

Managing the Stress

Every year around this time, CareerCast.com releases their list of the "Most Stressful Jobs," and year after year, event planning makes the top five.  Right up there with serving in the military and fighting fires is planning parties... yes, you read that right! And you know what? CareerCast.com is not wrong.  Let me be clear - serving in a job where your life is on the line and you are protecting the lives of others is WAY more stressful.  No question at all.  But when it comes to high-pressure, fast-paced, career-on-the-line type of work, event planners have that pretty well locked up.

Imagine, if you will, that you are an actor in a play.  You know your part well because you have been practicing for months - maybe even a year.  You are well rehearsed and as well prepared as you feel you can be.  And it is show time.  You go to the theater and prepare in your dressing room.  The audience is seated.  Everyone is quiet. And then you go on stage and you feel great.  Everything looks and feels the way it should and you are very pleased. And then...150 other actors who you have never met walk on stage. Each of them is doing his own part in the way that it pleases him.  The other performers don't know your part.  They are just acting and being themselves and enjoying the ride. Oh - one more thing - they've all been drinking! Now it's anyone's game!

This, my friends, is what it is to be an event planner. You are on stage, live, with an audience.  You have planned all of the details and confirmed everything and you set yourself and your client up for success.  And then the event begins and absolutely anything can happen. In real time. With no do-overs. And no matter what, if it doesn't go just right, all eyes are on you.  Let's just say that after nearly 15 years on the party stage that is my work {my love, my life}, the woman who colors my hair is just about ready to take all of her earnings to the bank and retire to the Bahamas!

So why, oh why, would I voluntarily subject myself to this level of stress? Because before the other actors arrive and I've set the stage just right, my beautiful bride walks into her "theater" and sees how I've turned her emails and calls and magazine clippings and Pinterest boards into everything she ever hoped for... and she looks just like this...

photo by Julie Jordan
On with the show!

:-) Lindsay

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Aarti and Sarin: Indian Wedding at Oheka Castle

A gorgeous bride, a gorgeous day, a gorgeous venue... there is so much goodness to share with this wedding, I hardly know where to begin!

Look at this bride.... Aarti absolutely glowed in her perfectly ornate sari and spectacular jewelry.  I loved how she put aside her simple day-to-day style and really went for it on her wedding day - like every bride should!

As is tradition for many Indian weddings, Sarin, the groom, approached the bride's family riding on a very well-dressed white horse as friends and family cheered him on and danced to the music of traditional hand drums.  When he invited his adorable nephew to ride with him on the horse... well, let's say that Aarti's heart was not the only one melting!

Aarti approached the mandap (Indian ceremonial wedding canopy) on a throne carried by her dear friends and family members.  She played it cool as a cucumber even though some of the men were fairly anxious about a potential misstep!

The bride and groom exchanged vows in a Hindu ceremony under the mandap decorated with flowing purple and white fabric along with white floral garlands and strands of sparkling crystals.  Behind the mandap are the breathtaking formal gardens of Oheka Castle

After the ceremony, a private stroll amongst the trees.

There are so many beautiful spots to decorate throughout the Oheka mansion - this is just one of several entry experiences for the guests. 

The huge ballroom showcased three centerpiece styles: tall white cherry blossoms, lower purple and white floral collections and tall manzanita branch arrangements detailed with a floral base and cascading phaelonopsis orchids.  I love how the bride wanted to step away from the traditional palette of an Indian wedding and embrace her favorite colors and styles.

After guests were seated, the bride, groom and bridal party wowed the crowd with a Bollywood inspired choreographed dance.  So, so fun and so, so good! And look at that well-branded white dance floor we snuck in there for good measure!

When the dance floor cleared, Aarti and Sarin also shared a beautiful first dance moment with friends and family looking on. 

And one last surprise... the bride's father and I conspired for months to surprise EVERYONE (yup - even the bride and mother of the bride!) with some of the best fireworks ever! It started to rain just before we were to invite guests outside for this final wow factor, but the wedding gods cut me a break and the rain cleared seconds before this big moment. 

So much goodness, right?  Thanks to the magnificent Susan Stripling for these beautiful photos. 

To really get a feel for this wedding, take a look at the breathtaking video captured by Unique Visions Studio. 

:-) Lindsay

CPC 50th Anniversary Gala

This past November, we had the honor of producing the Chinese-American Planning Council’s 50th Anniversary Gala at Capitale in Manhattan.

Nearly 500 people were in attendance for this special evening honoring trailblazers of the Chinese-American community in New York City. 

As with many corporate and non-profit events, it was important to CPC that we were loyal to their brand identity. So, of course, the event was designed with tons of red and gold details with both event and organizational branding woven in wherever possible.  

From the menus, to the programs, to the favors - the CPC message resonated clearly with every guest.

The floral centerpieces were accented with pomegranates which are associated with prosperity in the Chinese culture - their integration amongst the lush red orchids, calla lilies, roses, rose hips and protea in each of the three centerpiece styles was a great conversation starter!


When a stage is a focal point for an event, it is amazing to be able to add a memorable floral component - this stage was fronted by an 18' floral hedge that guests could appreciate while watching the program and performances. 

Congratulations CPC on 50 years of People Helping People. We are grateful to have been a part of this amazing event.

~ Spenser ~