Monday, November 12, 2012

Checkerboard Fusion Album: Inspired by Invitations, Part 3

This next design for the Fusion shoot was just plain fun... instead of putting together a traditional wedding dinner setting, we designed a rustic dessert table inspired by the "Entwine" collection from the Checkerboard Fusion Album. 

I wanted to incorporate as much texture as possible so we used bushels of hay for the benches (covered with pashminas), burlap ribbon and fabric on the table and wrought iron trays and lanterns. 

 We featured more tote bags accented with the Love logo and personalized tags along with monogram favor boxes from the Fusion album. 

 When creating a great dessert table or any type of food station, I think it is important to use varied containers and trays on various levels, but to maintain some symmetry in the design so that it doesn't feel busy and haphazard. Treading the fine line between interesting and chaotic is sometimes a challenge!

 I loved these "canoe" bowls from Mikasa!

Checkerboard introduced these adorable cookie cutter favors - and what better place to display them than amongst the desserts!
 Throw pillows can have a place at a wedding or special event and then you can continue to use them at home. If your venue has existing furniture - even if it doesn't match your color scheme - you can accessorize it with your own pillows and throws (pashminas are always easy and inexpensive) to give a personalized touch.

 Also available in the Fusion album is event signage and gorgeous framed wall art so you can have a piece of your wedding beauty at home.

After the shoot, we got to stock the Checkerboard breakroom with all of these amazing goodies, so have no fear - not a morsel went to waste!

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