Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Noah's Bar Mitzvah: Made for Movies

I love when my job allows me the opportunity to visit New York's best/coolest/most unusual cultural spots that ordinarily I don't get a chance to see. I didn't even know that the Museum of the Moving Image existed until we were looking for the perfect venue for a movie-buff teen with film biz parents. What could be a better fit than this unbelievably sleek space with something for everyone who has ever liked any kind of movie - ever. Star Wars gallery? Check. Silent film theater? Check. Animation studio? Check. Retro video arcade ('cuz who didn't play arcade games while you were waiting for your parents to pick you up from the movies!)? Check!

Noah's family didn't want a traditional, sit down meal with a lot of program formalities for their celebration, so we created a cocktail environment in the MMI foyer and cafe which provided lots of seating and food stations, but allowed guests to move and mosey throughout the night. Cocktail hour was in the galleries so guests could experience all of the cool stuff that the museum has to offer and the kids loved having a second opportunity to hit that arcade later in the night while the adults enjoyed a little "grown up" time. 

 For a Bar Mitzvah, I always like to use unusual, funkier flowers so that they don't feel too feminine. Here we used green antherium, dendrobium orchids and cymbidium orchids along with green and white parrot tulips and steel grass.  This fun vase was slightly reminiscent of a film reel - or so we thought!

Smaller tables had cocktail-sized arrangements with cymbidiums and spider mums. We were fortunate that the museum was furnished with these cute triangular white tables that looked a bit like "play" buttons and fit right into our design! All vases were detailed with vinyl film strip appliques. 

The cocktail bar was in a totally white space, so we kept it super-sleek with only a film reel vinyl applique that we custom designed for Noah.  

 Ottomans were enhanced with custom pillows for extra seating.

 Long communal tables detailed with black vinyl film strips allowed guests to hang out together in a relaxed setting. 

All photos by Gustavo Campos
This innovative video wall exhibit really set the scene and added the flavor of the museum to the party as it changed throughout the night. 

What I can't show you here (mostly because I am somewhat technically inept) is the absolutely unbelievable films that Noah and his parents created for both the video save the date and for the night of the party which premiered in the Museum of the Moving Image's stunning theater. When I think about this family and this venue, I cannot fathom a more perfect match. Boy, do I love it when a plan comes together...

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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