Monday, December 7, 2015

A Trip to the Berkshires

This November, I had the pleasure of being a part of the Berkshire Wedding Tour. Located just 2.5 hours outside of New York City, the Berkshires offers incredible opportunities for arts, vacationing and most importantly events!

Here are our top five reasons to consider the Berkshires for your destination wedding!

1.     Guest Rooms at The Kemble Inn
For our first evening in The Berkshires, we attended a welcome dinner at the super chic Kemble Inn in Lenox. Massachusetts. The in-house restaurant Table Six, prepared a delicious and decadent (6) course meal. While the food was unbelievable, my favorite part of the inn was the guest rooms. Each of the (12) rooms were uniquely decorated and designed in an unexpectedly modern way as compared to the more typical Berkshire vibe. It’s fun to surprise your guests with something unexpected, yet beautiful and luxurious!

Photo taken by Christopher Duggan |

2.     Ceremony Location at Jacob’s Pillow
Jacob’s Pillow is a very well known dance school and performance center located in Becket, Massachusetts. The grounds are truly lovely, but the real stand out was the outdoor performance space with the most incredible views. Just image a wedding ceremony taking place on this stage- breathtaking!

Photo taken by Parris Whittingham |

3.     Blooming Gardens at The Mount
The Mount, also located in Lenox, Massachusetts, was the home of author Edith Wharton. This venue is a very popular location for weddings and there is a reason why- the gardens are spectacular! The best part about these gardens is there is essentially built in décor when the flowers are in bloom. Not only are they beautiful, but they require little additional décor- allowing a designer to allot more of the budget to other aspects of the wedding!

Photo from The Mount website

4.     Historical Element at Chesterwood
Chesterwood was the home and studio belonging to Daniel Chester French, who most notably sculpted the Lincoln Memorial. The huge lawns allow for a tent of up to 500 guests. Chesterwood is unique in The Berkshires in its ability to accommodate such large parties. And the most special part of it all is that there is real history in this place- very cool.

Photo taken by Parris Whittingham | 

5.     Ice Cream at SoCo Creamery
I really love ice cream and have tried a whole lot of it. I have to say that SoCo Creamery may be the best I have ever had! For local events, SoCo can cater in their ice cream to make your event that much sweeter. While their shop is located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, I was so excited to find out that many of New York City’s grocery stores carry their products! Taste it for yourselves- you will not be sorry.

Photo from SoCo Creamery website

There are many other amazing venues and caterers located in The Berkshires and I highly recommend checking them out! Thank you to The Berkshire Wedding Collective for having me and to all of the incredible sponsors of the 2015 Berkshire Wedding Tour. It was an amazing experience! 


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