Saturday, December 12, 2015

Beautiful Bouquets

One of the most intimate details of a wedding design is the bridal bouquet.  I really think of it as a fashion accessory for the bride, and since brides tend take their dresses pretty seriously, I take the task of creating the perfect accompaniment to their fashion statement to heart as well.  I think about the color, size, shape and seasonality as well as how we will accessorize the handle so that it is the ultimate finishing touch.

I have had many, many favorites over the years, but I wanted to share some recent beauties that have made me {and the bride!} a happy girl!

This huge, elegant cascade included standard and garden roses, calla lilies, phaelonopsis orchids and hanging amaranths. It was a major statement piece for this bride, but she will agree that a bouquet like this is quite heavy! If you want to carry a large bouquet, you better tone those arms before your big day!

This was a delicate and petite bouquet made only of calla lilies and french tulips.  The bride's gown was quite slim, so the bouquet echoed the silhouette.  We tied the handle with powder blue ribbon to coordinate with the ceremony decor accents. 

Peonies are amongst the most requested wedding flowers, but their availability can be quite limited. Since this bride's one and only bouquet request for her November wedding was peonies, we crossed our fingers and toes, praying for availability at the very early point of the winter peony season.  Good thing we got lucky because this round, lush bouquet is made solely of pale pink peonies. 

This gorgeous bride had a penchant for succulents, so the design of her bouquet began with those unusual blooms.  We added a variety of peach flowers including garden roses, calla lilies and dahlias for seasonality and tied the bouquet with fabric from the bride's gown as well as a sentimental locket showcasing a photo of her beloved grandfather. 

For this spring wedding, we featured white anemones along with peach garden roses and added white lisianthus to create an airy, whimsical feel.  The handle of this bouquet was covered with fabric from the bride's mother's wedding headpiece and was tied with a piece of blue velvet ribbon for her "something blue."

Even with all of these bouquets in a similar color palette, it is easy to see the amazing variety of styles and personalities you can create with just a small bunch of blooms.  

:-) Lindsay

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  1. Hey, these are truly very beautiful bouquets. It is true that one of the most intimate details of a wedding design is the bridal bouquet. So we should choose the flowers and design of bouquet very carefully. At some local event space NYC I am also going to tie the knot in vintage style and would love to have a vintage styled bouquet.