Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dancing the Night Away

Whew! My first "wedding season" with Lindsay Landman Events is complete! And our final wedding of the summer certainly did not disappoint. Well, how could a wedding at the Rainbow Room be anything but spectacular?

This bride and groom had a very unique back-story. And to make a very long story very short- they were partners in ballroom dance class when they were young, but fell out of touch and randomly met again years and years later at a bus stop! So as you can imagine, this story and their connection in dance was going to be a constant theme throughout their wedding.

It began with their save the date, which told their story to all of their guests.

Their invitations then had amazing custom artwork covering all 8 (!!!) spaces on this huge gate fold invitation, further detailing the story.

And of course, their first dance, accompanied by the Kevin Osborn Band, had to be very special… and it was!

The bride’s mom even surprised the bride and groom later in the night with Julie's favorite ballroom dancing pair, Riccardo and Yulia. Julie was totally shocked and thrilled!

Thank you to Brian Dorsey Studios for these incredible pictures. What a special and festive evening it was!

~ Spenser ~

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