Friday, June 19, 2009

Making Life Easier

I wanted to let everyone in on a few secrets we tell our clients to help make their planning a little easier after the big day.

Relax on Your Honeymoon
Jet Set World Travel is a fabulous travel agency and concierge service that a countless number of our clients have used to help send them on their dream vacation. After getting to know exactly what you’re looking for in your trip, Julia and her team put together customized travel itineraries, coordinating everything from the hotels and airfare, to private transportation, restaurants, tours, cooking classes, spa visits…you name it! About a week prior to your departure, they send you off with a bound book detailing every day of your trip. Their in-depth knowledge goes far beyond the pages of Conde Nast and it’s always a pleasure working with them.

EXTRA: Want to go to the moon? Julia is part of an elite group of travel consultants selected to book travel to space!

Your New Identity
We recently came across the site, a name changing service for those brides that plan on taking their spouse’s name after the wedding. It almost seems too good to be true – they have all the forms for your state in one place and after filling out one personalized questionnaire, the information is filled out for you and all you need to do is press “Print!"

Dress: $6,000. Band: $12,000. Cake: $3,000. Not having to spend days of your new married life filling out paperwork to change your name on your social security card, passport, drivers license, bank accounts, mortgage, insurance cards and more: Priceless.

Cleaning Your Dress
Whether you plan on preserving your dress or selling your dress, you will first need to send your gown to someone who specializes in these types of garments. There are always a number of local options no matter where you are located, but we also like the Imperial Gown Restoration Company. Imperial Gown first arranges a pickup of your gown – free in all fifty states! After they have thoroughly examined every square inch of your dress for any possible stains, tears or snags, they present you with a quote of what it will cost to have your dress restored to the original condition. Should you choose not to go forward with the cleaning, Imperial Gown sends you back your dress right away, also free of charge! Visit Imperial Gown Restoration online at or call 1-800-WED-GOWN.

Photos courtesy of Jet Set World Travel, Guy Cali Associates, Sarah Merians Photography.

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