Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is a stick up!

One of my very favorite new tools for amazing party transformations is the use of removable vinyl transfers and removable wall stickers. My amazing graphic designer Michael of Mighty Design Studios originally introduced me to the idea when I was thinking about how to decorate our new office last fall and once I saw them, I was hooked. Then, Allison and I traveled to San Diego in January to attend The Special Event (the event industry's biggest educational conference) and we saw how so many amazing event designers were using the vinyl transfers on everything from fabric to furniture. So, over the course of the past six months, we've been using these fun, easy and inexpensive products to make big wow's at all types of events (and in our office too!).

At a wedding, the most universal way to incorporate a vinyl transfer is have a custom decal made to apply to your dancefloor. This one from Off The Wall Expressions is pretty standard, but you can use any time of personalized art that you'd like in almost any color.

When working in a loft space as we often do, it is quick and simple to bring some moodiness to the space by applying transfers or stickers to the large, bare walls. Blik is one of my favorites in terms of cool designs.

If using rented lucite furniture or bars, the options become endless... you can customize with names, patterns, quotations or even drink recipes!

We used lots of stickers to decorate the walls and tables of our "Baby's Gone Wild" baby shower a few months ago.

For an interactive guest book alternative, try a reusable chalkboard vinyl sticker that your guests can write on and then you can either photograph and discard or remove and re-stick at your home.

If you want to know more about how to use vinyl transfers or wall stickers for your special event, you won't want to miss my upcoming design seminar on June 27th - "How to Design on a Dime." Hope to see you then!

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